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Sunday, 9 February, 2014

Hopefully Interesting Stuff 0001

Hi folks!

Apologies for the rather long silence on this blog.

Guess that I've been both lazy and busy for a whole host of reasons on other issues. Obviously on less important matters! 

Needless to say, my original goal of starting this blog remains unchanged to this day - To make you smile. Somehow or the other. Hopefully by enjoying the content. If not, at least by laughing AT the content (or the provider of the content). After all, smiling is more important than the reason for smiling...

In the meantime, while cleaning up my computer, I realised that I've received a whole lot of cartoons, pictures, text messages, emails and the like over the years many of which are worth sharing here.

I plan to share some of those gems in the coming days and weeks.

Unfortunately, in most of those cases, I simply have no clue about the original source of the content. I acknowledge the creator's originality, and would gladly attribute / give credit to the source if someone were to highlight the same.

If the source has any objections, I would be perfectly willing to delete the concerned blog post as well.

Here is the first of many such "interesting" stuff: