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Monday, 3 June, 2013

Power Struggle

Power Struggle at IIT Chennai

Well, for a change, we're not talking about politics entering the world of academics.

Nor are we talking about a group of students fighting for their rights.

We're not even talking about the women on campus fighting for gender-sensitive behaviour.

We're certainly not talking about any struggle for the post of Dean or Director.

Well, despite having a whole lot of supposedly world class technocrats, IIT Chennai recently had a rather special experience:

  • The notorious Chennai Power Cut!

What takes the cake is not just another power cut. Apparently, the power cut happened during exams. Again, not one of those routine internal exams that presumably keep happening out there all the time. On this occasion, the Chennai Power Cut happened while the IIT JEE (Advanced) exams were in progress. Or should we talk about a lack of progress???

Take a look at the story:

This is what I would call a "real power struggle"!!!

As திருவள்ளுவர் (Thiruvalluvar) would have said, 

  • இடுக்கண் வருங்கால் நகுக! (Rough translation: In times of difficulties, try and accept it with a smile!)