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Thursday, 25 October, 2007

Wonders of Creation - Two Headed Turtle

Wonders of Creation - Two Headed Turtle

We've always known about God's creation being remarkably great in more ways than we can care to visualise. Here's a minor example - That of a two-headed turtle!

See this link:

Shows a couple of wonderful pictures of a two-headed turtle!



Selling Water

Dear Folks,

Articles, Jokes, comments, contributions, write-ups, "snidey remarks" will keep coming up as posts from time to time. If I become adequately tech-savvy, I'll also start posting cartoons and other pictures that can make you smile.

Here goes the first one:

Somebody in London is actually selling "150 ML Spray" of "Aqua" (Plain Old Water) for £ 3.99 (3.99 Sterling Pounds or around Rs. 400) to be used as a "Freshening Face Spray"! Read the following link for further details:


Hope this makes as good a beginning as any for this blog!