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Wednesday, 9 June, 2010

Marwadi Jokes

Marwadi Jokes

For a change, no Sardarji Jokes - Instead, I'm forwarding a round of Marwadi jokes.

A few Marwadi Jokes:


What's the cost of one banana?


One Rupee


Will u give in 50 paise?


You well get only the cover.


Take 50 paise, keep the cover and give me the rest...


Marwadi falls from the 14th floor..... While falling he sees his wife through the kitchen window, preparing food...

He shouts to his wife: Do not prepare for meeeee....


Marwadi saves a Sheikh's life by donating him his blood. The Sheikh gifts him a Mercedez in gratitude.

A few months later, the Sheikh again needs blood.

The Marwadi happily donates again..

This time the Sheikh gifts him a toffee ... ... ... seeing which the Marwadi asks:

Where's the car?

Sheikh: Well... the Marwadi's blood is now running inside me too...


Marwadi calls a newspaper office and asks: My uncle is dead and I want a condolence to be printed. What are the charges?

NewsPaper: Rs.50 per word

Marwadi: Oh!!! That is too much... Anyway write, "Uncle Dead"

Newspaper: Sir! It should be minimum 5 words!

Marwadi: Oh ho! Let me think... Ok write, "Uncle Dead, Maruti for sale"


There was a Marwadi too aboard the sinking Titanic. He was laughing while the ship was sinking.

His friend asks: Why r u laughing?

Marwadi: Thank God I didn't buy a return ticket...