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Saturday, 16 August, 2008

Colleges ban "Aamir Khan - Ghajini" Hair-style

Colleges ban "Aamir Khan - Ghajini" Hair-style

All of you must have read the news item about colleges banning / restricting the now famous "Ghajini Hair-style" of Aamir Khan.

This one certainly brought a smile - A sad and perplexed smile, indeed:

  • Firstly, don't the college / school authorities have anything better to do in terms of imparting education, inculcating values, etc.?
  • Since when did the hair-style of an individual become so noteworthy as to be banned?
  • Does this hair-style cause any lack of concentration, hygiene problems, etc.? Is it in any way indecent or vulgar?
  • What happened to the concept of personal freedom and free choice?

My dear professors, please think it over!