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Friday, 8 October, 2010

Latest jokes on Very Very Special Laxman!

Latest jokes on Very Very Special Laxman!

This one is for all of you who are keen cricket fans.

Just wanted the euphoria (if you are an Indian fan) / dismay (should you be an Aussie fan) to calm down a bit before sending this forward that I got from a friend.

Read on:

In light of Laxman's rear guard action some actions have been taken.

# Flash: Home Ministry has issued advisory for all people named Laxman
against traveling to Australia

# I won't be surprised if Laxman is made honorary Australian citizen:
better to have him on your side than a constant thorn in the flesh...

# I hereby declare that I am starting proceedings to find
LaxmanJanmabhoomi so we can build a Laxman temple.

# Last week belonged to Ram. This week belongs to Laxman

# lets demolish the hospital where Laxman was born n build a bhavya
Laxman mandir!

# aussies will have answer for everyone but for vvs laxman (very very
special) they crumble and cry like a child .

# Sydney se 50-50 kos door gaon me jab koi cricketer rota hai..toh uski
maa kehti hai beta chup hoja nahi toh laxman aa jaega

# Dear Kalmadi, if u have an extra gold medal pls give it to VVS
Laxman, he deserves!! And a Silver to Ishant & a Bronze to Raina for

# Gandhiji's last words were - 'Hey Ram', Ponting's last words would be
'Hey laxman'

# The day VVS LAXMAN retires from Test cricket, it will be a National
holiday in Australia