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Thursday, 10 April, 2008

Eight Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About the Internet

Eight Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About the Internet

Think that you know a lot about the internet???


Well if you do, keep reading and see how much you really know. The first Internet connection was made in 1960 and so those of you (including myself) who thought the Internet was relatively new, it will actually be 50 years old in two years time ! Not that new anymore, hey! So now let's get down to business!

  1. The Internet took five years to reach 50 million people. Television, by comparison took 13 years and radio, 38! The Internet has grown amazingly fast!
  2. Google had indexed an estimated 25 billion web pages at the start of 2007 and even Google can't index the whole web with millions more pages being added each day the web is huge beyond belief.
  3. The average Internet user spends about 25 hours a month surfing the web in sessions lasting approximately 50 minutes while visiting over 1,100 pages.
  4. In the US, more women use the Internet than men: 97 million women use the Internet compared with 90 million men (66% percent of women over the age of three and 64% of men over the age of three in the US)
  5. The web still has a huge potential to grow as only around 2.9% of the world are online. You're not quite connected to the whole world yet!
  6. For those of you that thought the US had the highest percentage of Internet users, actually it is Sweden. That one got me by surprise. In Sweden, 75% of people use the Internet!
  7. The web is made up of code, mostly consisting of HTML and CSS and you can actually see the code of the page you are viewing by clicking view then page source on your browser! Give it a try, it will look like a load of gibberish at first, but if you spend some time learning it you will understand the Internet a lot better!

The guy who invented and coined the phrase World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, is really the guy who made the whole thing available to all of you who are using it right now!

(Source link: http://www.webupon.com/Web-Talk/Eight-Amazing-Facts-You-Didnt-Know-About-the-Internet.106027)

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